Our Digital Banking Experience

The new Digital Banking Experience was launched on July 20 to rave reviews by our members (see below). Our adoption rate (the number of members who registered for digital banking within the first few weeks) was significantly higher than industry averages, and that rate continues to grow daily as more of you experience digital banking!

"I just have to say you have really stepped up the game with this new app update-- well done! Finally modern, concise, easy navigation, holistic view-- kudos to the team that updated the experience."
"I’m a senior citizen and was dreading the change, but my experience was smooth and easy. I find the new digital banking is so much more convenient for me!"
"I love the ease and features of the new app! It is much easier to determine which accounts are which. Thank you."

Here are our most common FAQs the Member Service Center is being asked Our Member Service Center has been there to answer any questions you’ve had along the way and they have provided the most frequently asked questions they’re receiving, along with the answers in case any of you have the same queries. Why does my digital banking password need to be a minimum of 15 characters? The longer and more complex a password is, the more security you have. We’ve listened to you, and now you will only be required to change your password once each year!

How do I hide/unhide accounts? Click on Settings and then the Accounts tab. From there you can either hide or unhide any account.

What is a Share or Loan ID? Under each account you’ll see a number. The series of numbers before the hyphen is your share or member number. The numbers following the hyphen is your share or loan ID.

How do I transfer funds to another Maine Savings member? Desktop: Access the Transfers Widget and click on Transfer to Another Maine Savings Member. You’ll be prompted to enter the account information for the member to whom you’d like to transfer funds. Mobile: Within the Transfers Widget, you can Add Account at the top of the page. From there, you’ll be prompted to enter the account information for the member to whom you’d like to transfer funds.

How can I make a Principal Only loan payment? Although our Digital Banking vendor does not provide a Principal Only payment option, you can make a Principal Only payment by making your regular payment, and then an additional payment on the same day. That additional same-day payment will be applied directly to the principal, because no interest will have accrued since making your regular payment.

Where do I find the Check Deposit widget on my mobile app? Widgets appear across the bottom of the mobile app and that’s where you’ll find the Check Deposits widget. You can see additional widgets by clicking on More, and you can reorganize the widgets to appear however you’d like by going into Settings and Navigation.